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About Me

My wife, Maya, and I were born and raised in Northern Arizona (specifically Sedona), and after being fortunate enough to travel and live in other states and countries, we came home with an all new respect and appreciation for our home state. Growing up I took for granted what this beautiful state has to offer, and it took all those years away to realize that! From a very early age I knew I wanted to serve my country, I just wasn't sure in exactly what capacity. Finally, the light bulb finally went off and I made the decision that I was going to follow both my grandfathers and join the United States Navy. I ended up serving just under 5 years doing a multitude of jobs, but my final duty station was at Naval Medical Center San Diego where I assisted service members undergoing mental health issues to transition back into civilian life. While I made some lifelong friends and served with some amazing Americans, the desire to serve my country has not been completely satisfied. I know that if I want to see real change, I have to step up and be the change I want to see. Every Arizonan should feel like they are being represented, and I am ready to fight for our rights and ensure that We the People get our voice back.

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