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In the United States of America, our youth are our greatest resource. They are the future of our country, and we need to do everything in our power to ensure we are developing a strong, resilient, well-educated generation to carry on our country’s legacy. Coming from a family of educators, bringing Arizona to the top of the list when it comes to education is one of my highest priorities. Arizona needs to revamp its current stance on education and put more resources into our schools. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to provide meaningful learning and exceptional teaching to our students with very limited resources. Not only should our teachers be acknowledged and valued for their hard work, in turn Arizona should be the most desired destination for the best and brightest teachers. In effect, we need to reduce class size and boost teacher salaries in order to provide more individualized and differentiated instruction to all students. With providing a structure that allows, encourages, and supports teachers to facilitate this differentiated learning environment, our students will have the opportunity to excel. We should be able to ensure that no child will be left behind, while creating a thriving student-centered learning system that builds a stronger and brighter future for tomorrow. Our children are our future and our educators are vital pillars that support their success.


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