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As Americans, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution protects our God given right to bear arms. This right was fundamental in the founding of our nation and should in no way be infringed upon. Every law-abiding U.S. citizen should have the right and capability to protect themselves and their families. Instead of attempting to lower the number of firearms in circulation, we need to boost the amount of firearm safety and training courses available to the public. Removing firearms from the households of law-abiding citizens will do nothing to prevent gun related crime. The right to bear arms goes hand and hand to ensure our God given right to life. There is no legal definition of what an ‘assault weapon’ is, which means there are no limitations to where control laws would stop if there was a ban on ‘assault weapons’. Firearms are used for self-defense, hunting, and sports, and there should be no limitations on what law-abiding citizens are legally allowed to possess.

Second Amendment

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